Mercedes C Class w202 engine c240 – fuse box diagram

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If your fuse ever got screwed up, you no doubt know how perplexed you may feel trying to make sense of all of it. Look at this fuse pack manual for Mercedes-Benz C-Class to assist you to evaluate which fuse does what. There are actually dozens of multicolored fuses of unique sizes and objectives. Fuses will definitely black out sooner or later, hence they must be changed.

While exchanging Mercedes-Benz C-Class fuse is a simple job, the challenge is identif which fuse is damaged or why it blew out. Whether your dash lights are out or maybe your stereo system halted operating, blown fuses could cause a variety of problems. This article will assist you to decide which fuse causes the issue. The first thing you have got to do is discover the Mercedes-Benz C-Class fuse box diagram for your certain year of production. The diagram will display each fuse and what it really does, that helps you see trouble.

Mercedes C Class w202 engine c240 sport – fuse box

Mercedes C Class c240 – fuse box engine compartment


Mercedes C Class c240 – fuse box engine compartment
Mercedes C Class c240 – fuse box – passenger compartment
Function Fuse number
ABS 56,59,60,62
Active head restraint 7
Airbag warning lamps 41,42,45,49
Airbag/side airbag control unit 45,49
Air-conditioner (SE) 41,51
Anti Thef Alarm 8,9,41
Automatic heater system 41
Auxiliary heater (SE) 35
Blower motor (heater A/C) 30,41
Brake lights 62
CD changer 24
Central locking electronic
Central locking – interior switch 41
Cigar lighter 47
Convenience locking 8,9,21,22,32,33
Courtesy lights (SE) 21,22
Diagnostic socket 62
Dome lamp 3,9
Electronic stability program 55,56,57,59,60,62
Engine electronics 48,53,54
Engine emergency stop 53,54
Engine fan 51
Engine residual heat system (SE)  30,41,51
Fanfare 43
Fog lamps  electronic
Fuel filter flap unlocking 15
Fuel pump 4
Garage door opener (SE) 9
Glove compartment light 47
Hazard warning flashers 41
Headlamp flasher electronic
Headlamp range adjustment (SE) 51
Headlamp washer system (SE) 63
Heated rear window 10,41
High beam, high beam tell-tale electronic
Instrument cluster 42
Language control system (SE) 13,16
License plate illuminaction electronic
Locking check-back electronic
Low beam 62,63
Make-up mirror (SE) 9
Mirror adjustment 21,22,63
Mirror automatic dimming (SE) 9,21
Mirror fold-in feature (SE) 21,22,63
Mirror heater 21,22
Multi contour backrest (SA) 13,19
Multi-function steering wheel  electronic
Navigation system (SE) 64
Parking lamp/tail lamps electronic
Parktronic system (SE) 13,41
Power socket (SE) 12,20
Power socket, boot (SE) 12
Power window, front 21,22
Power window, rear 21,32,33
Radio 64,63
Rain sensor (SE) 9
Rear fog lamp electronic
Rear head release 41
Rear windscreen wash system 14,41
Remote boot/trunk release 8,21
Reversing lamps electronic
Satelite radio 16
Seat adjustment, driver 2,21,29
Seat adjustment, passenger 1,22,34
Seat heater (SE) 25,41
Sound system (SE) 26
Start eneble 31,52,57
Steering lock 31
Steering wheel adjustment (SE) 2,21,27,29 (sp-coupe)
Sun blind for rear window (SE) 20,41
Switch illumination 9,21,22,32,33,41,50
TeleAid (SE) 40,44
Telephone systems (SE) 13,16,36,40,44,
Tilting/sliding roof (SE) 9
Trailer lights (SE) 17
Trailer power supply (SE) 18
Transmission electronics (SE) 55,58,61
Turn signal, t.s. indicator lamp electronic
Windscreen washer pump electronic
Windscreen wipers 46

Fuse rating

 Fuse number Ampere Colour
13,44,50,56,57,62,63, 5 Beige
7,8,15,16,24,36,40,42,45,49,51,55, 7,5 Brown
46, 10 Red
14,20,37,41,43,47,48,54,61,64 15 Blue
4,17,18,19,31,3552, 20 Yellow
9,26,53, 25 White
1,2,21,22,25,27,29,32,33,34,38 30 Green
10,30,58,60, 40 Amber
59, 50 Red

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.